Hidden Springs Farm


The Community Farm, part of our Open Space, is a Hidden Springs supported amenity.  With the support of a professional Site Manager and Farm Consultant, the Farm is managed and staffed by a resident Farm Leadership Team (FLT) and resident volunteers.

How and When to Volunteer

Farm activities commence in March with several pre-season activities.  The regular season commences in April, the date is announced dependent on weather, and continues through October. Residents are encouraged to volunteer on a regular or occasional basis.  The regular volunteer schedule for 2024 “work” parties, will be as follows.  It’s important to watch for updates:

Tuesday afternoon/evenings from 5-7pm early Spring and shift to 6-8pm or 7-9pm as the weather warms up.

Friday mornings from 9-11am adjusting as the weather warms up.

Volunteers meet at the appointed time at the Farm Shed for a “huddle” and assignment of tasks.  The FLT and long-time volunteers will assist newcomers acclimate to the Farm.  First-time volunteers will be asked to sign a standard Waiver of Liability and Code of Conduct that outlines volunteer guidelines.

The Farm and the garden shed meeting spot are located down the walking path at the intersection of 7th and Banker, or via the gravel farm road off Farm Court near the Community Barn. If you are volunteering for the first time, upon arrival, please ask to speak with the Farm

Be sure to check email and Hidden Springs Farm Facebook page for reminders and updates about work party dates and times, and other important information.

If you have questions about the Farm, or wish to be added to the mailing list, please email the FLT at:

Farm Management

The Community Farm is managed by the resident Field Leadership Team (FlT) consisting of HS residents:  Co-Chairs Sharon Cauchi and Jennifer Stanislaw along with Linda Beasely, David Murphy, and Garry Stanislaw.  This volunteer leadership team is supported by long-time resident and part-time Hidden Springs Site Supervisor Tim Wagner and Farm Consultant Lyndsey Mulherin.

The Community Farm operates as a controlled agricultural space and as an amenity to the Community. The crops grown are shared with the community only in two ways and based on harvest volumes:

U-Pick – Events where the general community is invited to harvest a specified crop in exchange for a donation that benefits the Farm.  These events are scheduled as the harvest volume is identified.  The community is notified of the date and time as far in advance as is predictable. The community will be supervised, for their safety and the health of the crops, by experienced Farm Consultant and resident Farm Volunteers.

Share the Work, Share the Harvest – Some crops are grown by the Farm Volunteers in smaller quantities.  As these crops are ready for harvest, in exchange for the work provided by the Farm Volunteers and during specified work parties, the volunteers will reap the benefit of the work by sharing that harvest.  This sharing occurs on an “as available” basis.

Notice:  Harvesting any crop in any amount outside the above-defined harvesting policy is not permitted.  For the protection of the crops, and in fairness to the community at-large, harvesting outside the above-defined harvesting strategy is considered unethical [I don’t think we can say POACHING].

Dogs at the Farm:  To keep the food we grow at the Farm safe for human consumption, it is critical to keep dogs and pets out of the Farm fields. Volunteers should not bring their dogs to the Farm during any work session. Additionally, in accordance with County regulations, residents walking with their dogs on the pathways through the Farm must keep their dogs on-leash and not allow their pet to walk through the Farm’s fields.

Compost at the Farm has been discontinued. As of Fall, 2023, the accumulation of compostable household materials was discontinued at the Farm for economic reasons.


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