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Town Association Announcements
County approved easement for new Daniel's Creek Trails

Please take a minute to read the attached Idaho Statesman article regarding the newly approved Daniels Creek trail easements that will serve to connect Hidden Springs Trails to Bogus Basin.

Ada County Non-Emergency Dispatch Number
Thursday, July 17, 2014

Last night at the quarterly Town Council Meeting the Ada County Sheriff's Department Action Team took a half-hour to speak to the community about non-emergency crimes and what the residents of Hidden Springs can do in these tricky situations.
I feel this is worthy information to pass along to everyone who calls Hidden Springs Home.

If you have a situation that you feel you need help with but it is not an emergency requiring 911 then you have the option to call the Ada County Sheriff's non-emergency dispatch number 377-6790
Good scenarios for using this resource would be aggressive dogs, late night parties, motorcycles in the open spaces, individuals loitering, abandoned vehicles, suspicious vehicles or suspicious persons... or any type of situation where non-emergency law enforcement would be helpful.
Remember the Ada County Sheriff's Deputies are here to help!

Smoke from the Grimes Fire

Well unfortunately it is that time of year when the smoke from local wildfires settles into the Dry Creek Valley. Several issues related to the smoke my present themselves to the residents of Hidden Springs.
First be aware of the air quality report and be cognizant of the need to adjust your outdoor activities based upon the air quality.
Second our Hidden Springs Pools will start to become cloudy as fine particulates of ash settle in the pool water. These small ash particles are very hard for our filtration system to remove and may be present in our water for several weeks creating a cloudy appearance to the water.

Thanks Colten

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Community News
No Fireworks in the Dry Creek Valley
Thursday, June 26, 2014


Per Ada County Code fireworksa are not allowed anywhere in the Dry Creek Valley, including anywhere in Hidden Springs!

North Ada County Fire and Rescue.


Bike Skills Dirt Track - Proposal

The Hidden Springs Town Council has been approached by several residents who wish to construct a Bicycle Skills Dirt Track for Hidden Springs residents. The proposal has targeted the area know as Landslide Meadow, [which is located at the far eastern edge of the property] for the placement of the non-motorized dirt track.The Town Council is now accepting written public comments in regards to the proposal. Please review the attached proposal and email your written comments to hsta@hiddensprings.com, mail them directly to 5890 W Hidden Springs Dr, Boise, ID 83714 or you may drop them in the green HSTA drop box located in the mailroom. 
The 30-day comment period will close on Thursday August 21st at 6:30pm after which the council will vote on whether or not to move forward withthe proposal.

Thank you, 
Hidden Springs Town Council

Hidden Springs Policy 1300 - Proposed

The Hidden Springs Town Design Review Board, with support from the Town Council has drafted a proposed governing document, [Policy 1300 Residential Design Guidelines Variance] to clarify existing TDRB procedures for the consideration of architrectural submittals that result in a variance from the standard Residential Design Guidelines. 

A draft of this proposed policy is available by clicking the link below or by contacting the HSTA at hsta@hiddensprings.com. The Town Council will accept public comments on the proposed policy through August 8, 2014. After which a formal vote on the issue will take place.