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Town Association Announcements
Tree Well Weeds

You may have noticed that the tree wells along Hidden Springs Dr. and the around the Merc are becoming weedy. There is a reason for that. 
The Town Council has decided to limit the use of glyphosate in the tree wells during the spring of 2014 to see if the presence of this common weed control chemical is causing stress to the trees as they awaken from dormancy. 
Some residents have expressed concern that the presence of this chemical, commonly known as Round-up is effecting the trees. The Town Council has sought proffessional advice on the matter and while most proffesional landscapers and tree experts do not think there is a correlation between glyphosate and the growth of mature trees there is some indication that the presence of the chemical in the spring may cause the trees stress as they awaken from dormancy and this was enough for the Town Council to hold off with using the chemical this spring. If maintenance of the weeds becomes impractical and is damaging the aesthetics of the community this decision will be revisited.

Thank you, HSTA Town Council

2014 Hidden Springs Swim Club

 Registration for the 2014 Hidden Springs Swim Club is April 1 - April 30. With a new coach and a dedicated board this looks to be another great year for the Hidden Springs Stingrays!
For more information click on the link below or visit www.hiddenspringsswimclub.com. Space is limited and registration will go fast so click on the link below and sign up today. 

Hidden Springs Sewer Company Open House

Hi Folks,
The annual Hidden Springs Sewer Company Open House is Saturday April 26th from 10:00am to Noon. 
This is your opportunity as a resident to see how the Hidden Springs sewer system reclaims the water and converts it into usefule effluent reuse water for irrigation. It's really quite interesting and if you live in Hidden Springs its something you might want to know about.

Hope to see you there, 

No dogs or cats in the wetlands and riparian area during nesting season please!

 Hi folks, just a friendly reminder that dogs and especially cats are not allowed in the riparian area along Dry Creek nor in either of the two wetland areas from March 1st to June 1st for wild bird nesting season. 
Pets distrurb the natural wildlife that calls the area home, so please do your part to help insure a safe environment for wildlife in Hidden Springs.

Thanks, Colten

and speaking of cats...

 A recent article from the New York Times

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Community News
Peaceful Belly Farm

It's that time of year when green things start poking their noses out of the ground and feeling the warm sun once again. If you have a hankering for getting some dirt under your fingernails, or working on that green thumb, consider the Peaceful Belly Farm class or CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program this year. 

Classes will be held locally at the Peaceful Belly Farm located right off of Broken Horn. The class will include some time spend in the Hidden Springs Farm maintaining our crops and the fruits and vegetables grown in Hidden Springs will be part of the CSA harvest.
And don't worry if you're planning a vacation in the summer, or you can't start until school lets out, that's not a problem and we are happy to have you anytime.
If you are interested, please contact Clay or Josie Erskine at peacefullbelly@yahoo.com or wisit our website at www.peacefulbelly.com. We have attached a short video to this announcment for you to check out, hope to see you out there!

Watch Peaceful Belly Farm Class video

Vadalism Update
Thursday, February 13, 2014

The individuals responsible for the November graffiti that damaged the Hidden Springs Fire Station, Elementary School and various HSTA property, [between the Merc and the South Meadow Pool] have been identified. The individuals involved consist of one resident minor and multiple non-resident minors that frequent the community. The HSTA is seeking restitution form the offending minors.

The resident youth involved with the November graffiti in Hidden Springs has agreed to pay for the damages and to complete 30 hours of community service. The local youth has offered an apology to the residents of the community, [attached]. This individual was not implicated in any vandalism outside of the community, or in any of the more recent events.


Details regarding restitution from the multiple non-resident youths are still being worked out.  These non-resident youths have been implicated in multiple graffiti attacks in the Treasure Valley with a multitude of victims seeking restitution, and these remain open and ongoing case(s)

Investigation into the other incidents of vandalism within the community, [2 separate acts of vandalism at the wash station, the rash of broken car windows and the latest graffiti on private home-sites] is/are ongoing.