What's Flushable and What's NOT!

What’s Flushable?

Toilet paper
What’s NOT Flushable?

The following items don't break down like toilet paper and clog household pipes, sewer lift station pumps, and cause sewer backups onto streets, businesses, and homes. 

  • Flushable wipes – Though advertised as "safe for septic systems and sewer,” flushable wipes do cause many problems for wastewater treatment operators.
  • Diapers (cloth, disposable, "flushable")
  • Facial tissues, cotton balls, swabs and pads
  • Cleaning wipes of ANY kind (baby wipes, disinfectant wipes, moist wipes,etc.)
  • Toilet bowl scrub pads
  • Napkins (paper or cloth), paper towels
  • Dental floss
  • Hair
  • Sanitary napkins, tampons, condoms, or any non-organic material
  • Wash cloths, towels, rags (any cloth item)
  • Kitty litter

Clogged pipes and pumps cost money to repair. In the case of lift station pumps, clogged pumps require significant maintenance to ensure the pumps are working properly. If they can't be repaired, they must be replaced, which costs even more money. The solution to this expensive problem is to make sure that only toilet paper is flushed down the toilet!

The video at https://youtu.be/SLTVqkXVvNk demonstrates how products that are advertised as flushable, aren't flushable.