Next TDRB Meeting

Next Scheduled Meeting(s)
July 15
Aug 12
Sept 9
Oct 7
Nov 11
Dec 11
Please have submitals (form, fee and details) to Lisa Ahrens in the Town Office no later than the Friday before the next scheduled meeting.

Board Members

Jim Glancey, Architect - Glancey Rockwell and Associates

Barry Semple, Civil Engineer - River Ridge Engineering

Greg Ugrin, Architect, 

Cindy Barney, Color | Design Specialist 

Robert Powell, Architect

Jared Schmidt, Architect

Lisa Ahrens, Administrator

Town Design Review Board (TDRB)

The Town Design Review Board (TDRB) exists to help ensure consistent application of design criteria and requirements included in the CC&Rs and Hidden Springs Residential Design Guidelines. 

All proposed exterior changes to home and landscaping must be reviewed and approved by the TDRB.  Examples include, building a new home, changes in house colors, installation of a new roof, addition of more living space or garage space, placement of a storage shed, landscaping (anything that changes the layout of your landscape i.e., slope, scope, trees or hardscape) and/or fence (new fence, change in fence line, style or stain color)

Please refer to the Hidden Springs Residential Design Guidelines and submit the appropriate form/s and fees.  Items for the TDRB need to be submitted by noon on the Friday before the following Wednesday meeting.  Please email or call Lisa Ahrens at / 208-229-2326 for more information or to request a meeting.

Hidden Springs Residential Design Guidelines

Final Site Plan Checklist

Design Review Submittal Form (Note: a completed copy of this checklist must accompany all submissions to the TDRB along with payment)

Hidden Springs Exterior Color Selections