TDRB Submittal Forms

The Town Design Review Board (TDRB) exists to help ensure consistent application of design criteria and requirements included in the CC&Rs and Hidden Springs Residential Design Guidelines. 

All proposed exterior changes to home and landscaping must be reviewed and approved by the TDRB.  Examples include, building a new home, changes in house colors, installation of a new roof, addition of more living space or garage space, placement of a storage shed, landscaping (anything that changes the layout of your landscape i.e., slope, scope, trees or hardscape) and/or fence (new fence, change in fence line, style or stain color)

Please refer to the Hidden Springs Residential Design Guidelines and submit the appropriate form/s and fees.  Items for the TDRB need to be submitted by noon on the Friday before the following, Tuesday meeting.  Please email or call Lili Puype at / 208-229-2324 or 208-602-9836 for more information or to request a meeting.

Hidden Springs Residential Design Guidelines

Final Site Plan Checklist

Design Review Submittal Form (Note: a completed copy of this checklist must accompany all submissions to the TDRB along with payment)

Hidden Springs Exterior Color Selections