Rolling Hills Trails Project

At its March 1st meeting the Open Space Committee approved a proposal to enhance trail access points in locations along Dry Creek Road, Cartwright Road and in the Rolling Hills section of our community.  Installation of split rail fencing, construction of new trail system accesses, and decommissioning of some social trails were part of the plan.  Because of cost considerations and early input from nearby residents the original plan is being reconsidered.  It is the committee’s intent to separate the proposal into at least two separate parts, one dealing with fencing and the other with trail system modifications.

One area that is being considered for trail system changes is located in the western section of Rolling Hills along Deerpath Drive.  This portion of the overall plan is shown in the image below.

Three different categories of changes are envisioned, each shown in a different color.  At Site 1 the green line indicates the location of a proposed fence, probably a two rail split cedar fence that will prevent vehicles from accessing the ridge to the north.  This is the location where last summer a vehicle drove up the embankment, through the grass and turned around at the top of the ridge.  We were fortunate that this incident did not result in a wildland fire.  The tracks are still visible and we don’t want them to invite another off road excursion.

At Site 2 the blue line indicates the proposed location of a new trail system accesses south of 4551 Deerpath Drive.  It will formalize a social trail providing access to the Red Tail Trail where it ascends from Dry Creek Road.  The location has been chosen to provide convenient access for area residents, yet still afford the adjacent residence reasonable privacy.  It will also allow for protection of the small planted transition area and improve its overall appearance.  Additional drought tolerant plantings, fencing or boulders may be considered to prevent the development of shortcuts that would reduce the adjoining residence’s privacy.  Fencing may be added in the future to define the trail entrance.

Site 3, the other blue line, is near the end of Deerpath Drive.  It indicates a proposed new trailhead and trail location to facilitate access to the Currant Creek Trails.  The trailhead would be located along the short access drive of the sewage pumping station, proceed around the northwestern side of the station, across the back side of the ACHD storm water detention basin, and then follow a properly designed route to intersect the Currant Creek Trail.  Fencing may be added in the future to define the trail entrance.

The red line, Site 4, indicates a section of social trail that branches off the Currant Creek Trail and crosses the slope immediately behind 4715 Deerpath, then crosses through the middle of the ACHD storm water detention basin.  The intent is to decommission this social trail to provide for improved resident privacy and to improve the general appearance of the retention basin.  A separate maintenance project by HSTA is planned to remedy damage to the retention basin caused during construction in the immediate area.

The Open Space Committee invites your comments and suggestion regarding all elements of the proposed project.  Comments may be submitted to the Hidden Springs Town office at, voiced in person at the Open Space Meeting April 5th, Town Meeting April 19th or Open Space Meeting May 3rd.  Comments need to be received by the close of business on Wednesday, May 4, 2016.

In addition, representatives of the Open Space Committee invite all interested residents to meet at the sewage pumping station (at the end of W. Deerpath and W. Sage Creek) on Monday, March 28 at 5:30 PM for an on-site Q&A session and review of the project.