Upper Ridge Trail - Section Reroute Aug 2019

Comments compiled over the 30 Day Comment period which ended September 5, 2019 at 6:30pm.

At the June 5, 2019 Open Space Meeting, the Hidden Springs Open Space Committee discussed rerouting a section of the Upper Ridge Trail.

The objectives of the reroute are to reduce erosion, reduce the maintenance requirements, improve recreation usage and, overall, improve the sustainability of this trail. Currently, the steepest parts of the trail are situated directly on the fall-line of the ridge and have grades of 10-12%, some spots are >12%. These sections are un-maintainable from season-to-season and often the trail "wanders" or becomes "braided" as users avoid the most damaged sections.  The proposed plan is to re-situate the trail off of the ridge line by creating a bench-cut trail with grades in the 5-7% range with proper out-slope and drainage. Overall length of the trail will increase and a few switchbacks will be added to achieve the desired rise/run ratio.

Lime green = Initial plan for rerouted section

The Open Space Committee invites your comments and suggestion regarding the proposal to reroute a section of the Upper Ridge Trail. Comments may be submitted to the Hidden Springs Town office at hsta@hiddensprings.com, voiced in person at the Open Space Meeting August 20th or September 3rd.  All Comments need to be received by the close of business (6:30 pm) on Thursday, September 5, 2019.

Please contact the Town Office, 208-229-2326 or hsta@hiddensprings.com for more information about rerouting a section of the Upper Ridge Trail.