Open Space and Trails Concept Master Plan

Thursday, June 1, 2017

The town founders of Hidden Springs set out to create a community residents would be proud to call home by establishing a set of founding principles - several of which mention and embrace the concept of open space set aside for wildlife, scenic values, agriculture, and recreation enjoyment. 

The last community open space planning effort was conducted in 2009 and helped establish specific priorities for maintenance and improvements to benefit the open space. This Concept Master Plan Update is intended to revisit the open space and trail system and set out a list of possible projects to be considered by the Open Space Committee for recommendation to the Town Council for implementation.

The Open Space Committee updated the plan in 2017.  The community was invited to comment January 30 through March 9, 2017.  No comments were received from residents by either the Town Office or the Town Council.  The Open Space Committee will use the Plan as a guide for future projects.

Open Space and Trails Concept Master Plan

Open Space and Trails Concept Master Plan Map