Rules & Guidelines

This area is for Hidden Springs Residents and their guests ONLY! The existence of this amenity is probationary. If users abuse it - it will be removed. Please do your part to ensure this remains an amenity for all to enjoy by obeying the rules and guidelines. Thank you and HAVE FUN!

Rules & Guidelines for Use


For questions or additional information, please contact the Bike Area Committee at:

WE NEED DIRT!  If you know of anyone who needs to get rid of clean fill dirt, we want to know!  Please send an email to or call Kim at 831-262-0612

WANT TO HELP? If you would like to help with construction of the bike area, please let us know via email to or call Kim at 831-262-0612

Thank You!


Who wants to get their kid(s) up off the couch, away from video games, TV and cell phones, and outside, involved in healthy recreational activity?  You?  Well, so do we!

  • The Goal:  Create a valued amenity for our community that provides kids and families with a fun, healthy outdoor recreation option right here in the neighborhood
  • The Vision:  Develop two riding areas within the bike area, one for beginner riders and another for intermediate/advanced riders, making it fun for families with kids of various ages and riding abilities
  • The Funding:  Project is being funded entirely through private donations: not through Town Association/homeowners dues
  • The Cost: The estimated project cost is $5,000
  • The Labor:  All the construction will be done by volunteers!
  • The Schedule: Construction is planned for Spring/Summer, 2016
Donate by Check:  
  • Write a check payable to the Hidden Springs Town Association
  • IMPORTANT:  Note “Bike Area” on the check or place it in an envelope that says “Bike Area” on it (so they know what the check is for!)
  • Drop check off at the HSTA office or in the green drop box located on the wall outside the HSTA office
  • Or, mail your check to:  Hidden Springs Town Association, Attn: Bike Area Committee, 5876 W. Hidden Springs Drive, Boise, ID 83714
Donate by Credit Card:  
  • Alternatively, you can donate via credit card at
  • Please note that we are charged a 3% fee for credit card processing, while donations by check have no fees associated with them

Thank you in advance for your financial support!  We are extremely excited to bring this amenity to life in our community!

The Hidden Springs Bike Area Committee