Hidden Springs includes 810 acres of dedicated open space in the Dry Creek Valley for us residents to enjoy. Observing a few rules of etiquette can keep our open spaces a pleasant place for us all.

Keep it Clean

  • Carry your litter with you until you reach a trashcan.
  • Help out by picking up a bit of litter on each walk.
  • Participate in community clean-ups.

Take Care of Your Pets

  • Do NOT let pets roam freely on trails and in the open spaces. Per the Hidden Springs CC&Rs, pets are to be leashed at all times when outside the pet owner's property.
  • Always control your pet and do not let it harass people or wildlife.
  • Be sure to take a plastic bag with you to clean up after your pet. Clean up is required by the Hidden Springs CC&Rs.
  • Watch for signs - some locations are off-limits to pets in the spring to protect bird nesting activity. Pets are not permitted in the Hidden Springs Wetland and Wildlife Preserve from March through June.

Hikers and Bikers

  • Stay on the trails.
  • Only use foothills and valley trails when they are not muddy or wet, to prevent erosion.
  • Respectfully share the trails with other users.
  • Bicyclists slow to a walking pace when passing, and always control your bike.
  • Give animals extra room and time to adjust to you. When passing horses use special care and follow directions from the riders.
  • Leave gates as you found them, or as marked.
  • Observe the signs - bicycles are not permitted on some trails.

Motorized Vehicles

  • Motorized off-road vehicles are not permitted in any Hidden Springs open space areas.
  • There are areas open to motorized use on the Boise Front.

Plants and Wildlife

  • Leave plants and wildlife in the wild for all to appreciate and enjoy.
  • Do not dump yard waste or animal waste into open space areas.
  • Do not plant or landscape in open space, or place wildlife houses or feeders without authorization.

Call HSTA Office 208- 229-2323