Road Closures

Idaho State Criterium Championship

America’s favorite style of bicycle racing returns as Hidden Springs hosts the Idaho State Criterium Championship bicycle races sponsored by St. Luke’s Sports Medicine and presented by the Hidden Springs Town Association, Inc.

Accompied by about 1/2 a dozen Idaho food trucks at the Village green this years racing action is expected to excel. 

Criteriums or “crits” are the most exciting spectator friendly form of bicycle racing. Crits are multi-lap races on courses shorter than a mile that are closed to traffic. The high speeds, close quarters, racing strategy and primes (pronounced “preems”). Crit racers can reach speeds of 35 mph and more on their bikes. With racing groups of up to 30 racers, the action gets hot and heavy. Various teams will be trying to get their own teammate to win to so they will “attack” the racing group causing other teams to “chase.” These and other strategies make racing more than a question of who can go fastest. Primes (from the word premiums) are prizes for crossing the start/finish line first on a particular lap. These are like a race within the race and are used to keep the action going.