Fencing Requirements

Hidden Springs Fencing Requirements
Monday, February 3, 2020

The following information is to help Hidden Springs residents with the Town Design Review submittal process for fencing.  Fencing requirements can be found in the Residential Design Guidelines Section 2.13 and Appendix G.

You need approval from the Town Design Review Board if you are:

  • Building a new fence
  • Replacing an existing fence with a new fence style
  • Changing the location of an existing fence or removing a fence
  • Adding decorative gates or accents
  • Use of ANY OTHER color or stain that is contrary to the guidelines set forth in the Wood Fence Stain/Restain Specifications Addendum 

Summary of Fencing Guidelines (New, Repair and/or Replacement)

Wood Fence Stain/Restain Specifications Addendum (Sept 2019)

If you have questions, please contact the town office at 208-229-2326 or by emailing HSTA@hiddensprings.com.