Exterior Color Selections

Architectural Approval from the Town Design Review Board is required before making any exterior additions or modifications to your home or landscaping.  Please contact our administrative office for information about the submittal/approval process.

Please refer to the Hidden Springs Residential Design Guidelines and complete and submit the Exterior Color Selections and Design Review Submittla Checklist along with the appropriate fee ($50.00).  Items for the TDRB need to be submitted by noon on the Friday before the following, Wednesday meeting.  Please email or call our office at TDRB@hiddensprings.com / 208-229-2324 or 208-602-9836 for more information or to request a meeting.

Final Design Review Submittal Checklist 

Hidden Springs Exterior Color Selections

Design Review Submittal Form (Note: a completed copy of this checklist must accompany all submissions to the TDRB along with payment)