Sewer Company

The Hidden Springs Sewer Company, LLC (HSSC) is a stand-alone business entity that owns and operates the sewer plant on the Hidden Springs property and provides wastewater treatment services to properties in Hidden Springs. It also owns appurtenant facilities including the influent sewer lines, lift pumps and the initial portions of the effluent distribution system. The remainder of the effluent distribution system (sprinklers heads and feeder lines) is owned by HSTA. HSSC holds the permit with the State of Idaho that provides for treated sewage effluent application onto the land within Hidden Springs.

HSSC is private wastewater treatment utility. The Idaho State Public Utilities Commission does not exercise any rate-setting authority over HSSC. Idaho Dept. of Environmental Quality (DEQ) does have permitting and regulatory authority over HSSC sewer operations and land use application of treated wastewater, but it has no pricing oversight authority.