The pools will close for the season Sunday, September 20th.  Until then they are open from 6:00 am until dark.  Please continue to follow posted social distancing and cleaning guidelines.





Communications from the Town Council regarding the community pools, fitness room and events

Communications from the Hidden Springs Town Council to Hidden Springs Town Association members and residents regarding the opening of the pools, fitness room and community events:

Letter from Hidden Springs Town Council May 30, 2020

Letter from Hidden Springs Town Council June 12, 2020

Questions regarding the decisions made can be emailed to the entire board

Pool Information 2020

Hidden Springs Town Association (HSTA) pools are community facilities intended for Hidden Springs members’ and/or residents’ private use and personal enjoyment.  The operational changes outlined in the Hidden Springs Town Association Operational Plan for Opening the Pools and Pool Rules are intended to provide maximum benefit to association members and/or residents while maintaining a fun, safe and wholesome environment for the community.  

COVID-19 Waiver and Release
Members and/or residents who want to use the pool facilities this season will be required to read and sign a waiver acknowledging the contagious nature of COVID-19, that it can be spread directly between participants using the facilities, from frequently touched surfaces as well as from failure to follow social distancing guidelines. Prior to opening, all resident community access cards will be turned off. Upon receipt of a legibly completed and signed waiver, your access card will be reactivated.  

Pool Monitors
The HSTA is NOT employing Pool Monitors this year to limit employer/employee risk due to COVID-19.  Money allocated to employ Pool Monitors will be redirected to operate the pools under the additional COVID-19 CDC, CDH Idaho and guidelines and to keep the pools open longer this season. Members and/or residents will need to self-monitor and follow directions outlined in the Hidden Springs Town Association Operational Plan for Opening the Pools, 2020 Pool Information, Rules and Schedule.   

Pool Hours / Schedule / Daily Closures
The pools will be open as soon as they are ready for use. Please refer to the 2020 Weekly Pool Schedule for Cleaning, Lap Swim, Swim Team and Open Swim hours at each pool. The pools are CLOSED for 30 minutes each morning, six days a week for cleaning, testing and the addition of any necessary chemicals. Members and/or residents may remain pool side and enjoy the sun while Pool Doctor is on site. If a biological incident occurs (vomit, blood, and/or fecal matter) please call 208-602-9836 or 208-447-9427.

Community Access Card 
An access card or key fob is required to access each pool. If the HOA account associated with your access card is delinquent (HOA/Sewer Assessments), access is suspended until the account is paid in full. If a completed and signed COVID-19 Waiver and Release is not on file with the HOA account, associated with your access card, access is suspended. Visit the Town Office during regular business hours to settle your account, complete and sign a COVID-19 Waiver and Release, or replace a lost/stolen access card. Replacement cards are $25.00. Providing pool access to another member and/or resident (whose card is not working) shall result in suspension of your family’s card(s) for the pool season. 

Due to COVID-19 and liability concerns, guests are NOT allowed at the pool facilities for the 2020 pool season.

Hidden Springs Swim Club
The Hidden Springs Swim Club will practice at the South Meadow Pool, Monday through Thursday mornings from 8:30 am until 11:30 am, as soon as the South Meadow Pool opens running through July 31, 2020. The South Meadow Pool is unavailable for other uses during this time. 

Dedicated Lap Swimming
Dedicated Lap Swim will be available at both pools every morning. 6:00 am to 8:30 am at South Meadow and 6:00 am to 9:00 am at Clubhouse (Please note cleaning times and exit the pool). General swimming is not allowed during Dedicated Lap Swim hours.

If you have any questions, concerns or want to provide feedback, please email

The Pools

Clubhouse Pool 5525 W. Hidden Springs Drive.  

The Clubhouse Pool is centrally located in the community. The pool is chlorinated and features a gradual depth decline.


South Meadow Pool 12742 N Humphrey's Way

The South Meadow Pool is a saline system and is an excellent facility for lap swimming (Hidden Springs Swim Team practices at the South Meadow Pool and the community hosts at least two swim meets during the competitive season).  There is also a baby pool with umbrella "mushroom" water fountain.

For more information or questions, or to report a problem at the pool, please contact the Town Association Office 208-229-2323