The Clubhouse Pool will be closed Monday July 18 and Tuesday July 19. The Association is having the pool deck and furniture power washed and the water refreshed (Pool drained, refilled and chemicals rebalanced). The Clubhouse pool will reopen sometime on Tuesday afternoon.

The South Meadow Pool will be closed Monday July 18 until 1:00pm. The Association is having the pool deck and furniture power washed.


Pool Information 2022

Hidden Springs Town Association (HSTA) pools are community facilities intended for Association members’ and/or residents’ and their guests private use and personal enjoyment. The pools are for the pleasure of every member and/or resident and the rules are in place to ensure the fun, enjoyment and safety of our neighbors. 
Community Access Card 
An access card or key fob is required to access each pool. If the HOA account associated with your access card is delinquent (HOA/Sewer Assessments), access is suspended until the account is paid in full. Visit the Town Office during regular business hours to settle your account or replace a lost/stolen access card. Replacement cards are $25.00. Providing pool access to another member and/or resident (whose card is not working) shall result in suspension of your family’s access for the pool season. 
Pool Hours / Schedule / Daily Closures
Please refer to the 2022 Weekly Pool Schedule for Cleaning, Lap Swim, Swim Team and Open Swim hours at each pool. The pools are CLOSED each morning, six days a week for cleaning, testing and the addition of chemicals. Members and/or residents may remain pool side while Pool Doctor is on site but failure to exit the pool shall result in suspension of your family’s access for 30 days. 
Member and/or Resident Guests 
A maximum of 5 guests per member household per day. As guests are not members of the association, they must be accompanied by a member and/or resident adult who is 18 years of age or older with a valid access card.
Hidden Springs Swim Club
Plans are underway for the 2022 swim team season with practice tentatively scheduled to begin the week of June 13. The Swim Club Board is actively recruiting this year’s swim team coach and administration to lead the Stingrays. Once the season is underway, practice will be at the South Meadow Pool, Monday through Friday mornings from 9:00am to 12:00pm, 6/6/22 through 7/29/22. The South Meadow Pool will also be closed Saturday 6/25/22 and 7/9/22 from 7:00am to 2:00pm for swim meets and an evening still to be identified for the end of season awards banquet. The South Meadow Pool is unavailable for other uses during this time. Please note, Swim Club members are ALL Hidden Springs Town Association Members, the Association is not closing the pool for non-members. If you have questions regarding Swim Club, please email
Lap Swimming
For adults and experienced adolescent swimmers, we have dedicated lap swim at each pool. At the South Meadow Pool, lap swim is from 5:00 to 9:00am with cleaning from 6:00 to 7:00am. At the Clubhouse Pool, lap swim is from 5:00 to 9:00am with cleaning from 7:00 to 7:30am. Please exit the pool when the contractor is on site for cleaning. Open swim starts at noon at the South Meadow Pool and 9:00am at the Clubhouse Pool.
Adult Swim Nights (21+)
Due to lack of attendance for the last few years, Adult Swim Nights have not been scheduled for 2022. 
Swim Lessons
Members may hire a private swim instructor for swim lessons. Swim instructors, who are residents of the community, providing swim lessons in the community pools must contact the Town Office to complete an agreement and provide the necessary insurance certificate/s.  Non-resident swim instructors providing lessons to a member, are the guest of that member. Non-residents providing swim lessons to non-residents are trespassing and will be asked to leave. Please check the pool schedules before you schedule swim lessons with a private instructor to avoid conflicts with other pool activities.
Smart Start Preschool
Smart Start Preschool students (who are also Hidden Springs Town Association members) will enjoy the Clubhouse Pool on Mondays and Thursdays from 11:00am to 12:30pm. The Clubhouse Pool is available for other uses during this time. This information is included at the request of members who wanted to know when the pool was being used by the preschool.
Pool Monitors
The HSTA is NOT employing Pool Monitors. Funds previously allocated to employ Pool Monitors was redirected to cover increased pool operational costs without increasing the cost to HSTA members. Members and/or residents will need to self-monitor and follow the Pool Rules and Schedule.   
Biological Incidents
If a biological incident occurs (vomit, blood, and/or fecal matter), Association staff will respond and close the pool(s). If on site, the staff will clean up the biohazards (yes, scoop the poop) and add the necessary chemicals in order to get the pools open again as quickly and safely as possible. In the event the staff is not onsite, the pool will be locked up and the pool contractor and/or the janitorial company called in for clean-up. As soon as things are cleaned up and chemically treated, the pool(s) will be reopened. If a biological incident occurs (vomit, blood, and/or fecal matter) please call 208-447-9427 or 208-602-9836. Remember, swimmers not or recently toilet trained or incontinent MUST wear a swim diaper AND rubber swim pants that fit snuggly at the waist and legs with their bathing suit. Disposable diapers are not allowed. Diapers must be changed in the bathroom facilities, not poolside or on a poolside table or chair.
The Association stopped providing pool umbrellas in 2021. In the past, the Association purchased market umbrellas annually for resident use at the community pools. When the Association employed pool monitors, one of their duties was to close up the umbrellas with the onset of inclement weather and when they closed up at night. If the Association provides the umbrellas, the Association is responsible and liable if an umbrella causes property damage or injury. Despite best-efforts (reminders on the gates, on the umbrellas and on social media) last year, residents left umbrellas open during inclement weather and at night. Residents can bring their own umbrellas for shade. Umbrellas left overnight or open during inclement weather, that cause damage or injury can be traced to the umbrella owner via the security camera footage. The umbrella owner will be liable for any damages and/or injury. Walmart, Target, Big 5 and Dick’s all have portable, affordable shade options. At the request of residents, the Association also obtained bids for sunshade options. The cost to install two shades at the South Meadow Pool would be $70-80K. Please refer to Policy 500 if there is a group of residents who would like to champion a community improvement project like shade structure or sunshades.
If you have any questions, concerns or want to provide feedback, please email