Hidden Springs Swim Club

Since 2006, the HS Swim Club has had hundreds of resident kids come through its successful program. These kids have built relationships, confidence and learned life skills in the water, and have had a blast doing it. Many have loved it so much they've gone on to high school and/or year-round club teams! 

  • For Hidden Springs’ residents age 6 - 18.  ALL ability levels are welcome.
  • Registration forms are available to download, the HSTA office, the Merc, the Clubhouse and the Library.
  • The goal of the program is to improve the swimming techniques of each individual swimmer and to have a great time doing it. This is accomplished through daily practices that stress stroke form, starting technique, turns, and endurance. PLUS, their daily practices improve their cardiovascular fitness AND provides great cross training for other sports too!
  • It's FUN, close to home, less than $3 a day, and gets your kids out of bed! 
  • Email questions to HSSC.Stingrays@gmail.com.
  • Registration April-May
  • Season June-July