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Open Space - April 4th
6:00 to 7:30 in the CH


Trail Building & Creek Clean Up - April 29th 
Wildfire Preparedness Day - May 20th
Cruisin' Hidden Springs - June 3rd



News from HSTA

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Q2 HOA Assessments are due April 1st and delinquent if not received by April 10th.  Q2 HOA payments may be dropped off at the Town Office until 12:00pm on April 10th.  Any received after this time, will be delinquent.  As of the end of February, HSTA delinquent accounts totaled $53,855.79.

Please call the HSTA office or AMI to check the balance on your account.  Did you remember to account for the $4.50 Sewer Assessment increase effective Q1?  Quarterly HOA Assessment Statements are mailed 1 month in advance. Assessments are DUE January 1, April 1, July 1 and October 1 of each year.

If a quarterly assessment is not received on or before the 10th day of the quarter (January 10, April 10, July 10, October 10), a late fee is applied as well as interest on any unpaid balance.  Late fees and interest will continue to accrue on a monthly basis until the past due balance is paid.  This information is reflected on Late Statements sent once a month to residents with delinquent accounts.  To read more about the HSTA Assessment Procedure and Effects of a Delinquent Payment please refer to Policy 200.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Wet weather conditions often mean muddy trails!  We encourage residents to make responsible decisions when considering hiking and biking community trails.  Using the trails when they are soft and muddy compromises drainage dips that were put in to mediate trail erosion.  When users walk off or to the side of the trail to avoid mud, vegetation is killed and ultimately the trail is widened.  Foot and bike tracks on wet trails create deep holes and grooves making future use unpleasant. Current trail conditions are available daily at  

Monday, January 30, 2017

(Communication on behalf of IDFG)
IDFG has a great website ( with information about the negative effects of feeding deer.  

The biggest concerns have to do with feeding the wrong diet and the multiple issues that arise when deer are artificially grouped together (range damage, spread of disease, increased depredation, etc).  

Another issue is the animals grow used to being near people and their landscaping.  Unfortunately, we recently learned that lesson the hard way when we had some elk die from eating Japanese Yew after being drawn into a neighborhood by backyard feeding.

Friday, December 16, 2016

The Hidden Springs Transfer Fee is ½ of 1% of the gross selling price*. The transfer fee is paid upon the initial purchase of the lot and then upon every resale.

The Transfer Fee funds are used to implement the protection, care and enhancement requirements for Conservation Easement lands (Hidden Springs Planned Community Ordinance Section 8-21A-5E).

Approximately 988 acres in Hidden Springs are designated as natural open space subject to the terms of a Conservation Easement (CE) held by Ada County.  The Conservation Area includes:

Wetlands      Dry Creek Corridor      Currant Creek Corridor      Uplands      Farm and Orchard

The Hidden Springs Transfer fee may be used to provide funding for any of the following purposes:  (1) the administrative and operating costs of the Town Association; (2) t

Monday, January 30, 2017

Thank you to all the residents who attended the Annual Meeting Tuesday December 13th and the rescheduled meeting Monday December 19th. 

At the close of the rescheduled Annual Meeting, the Town Council Elections roll call of votes totaled 132.  This was less than the necessary 50% of present and proxy votes at the rescheduled meeting, to constitute a quorum. Therefore, business could not be conducted (including electing a new Council)

Below are the results however, enough votes were not received to consitutie a quoroum to make it a valid election. 

  • John Ahrens - 128
  • Craig Lochner - 119
  • Phil Schoensee - 121
  • Jeanie Thomas - 119
  • Mitch Wood - 120
  • Write In - Chuck Miller - 2

The Annual Town Management Report is available below and the Annual Meeting minutes and Council will be announced in January following the first Working Town Council meeting when business can be conducted.

Annual Town Management Report

Monday, January 30, 2017

The Hidden Springs Marketplace (Mercantile, Mail Room, Library, etc.) most days is a bustling center of activity.  We need everyone’s help to keep our community safe – children and adults.  The HSTA, and business owners will discuss this topic in detail.  Parents, please take a minute this week to discuss the dangers of playing in parking lots. recommends reminding your child that parked vehicles may move and that even though they can see a vehicle, the driver may not see them.  We have witnessed unsupervised children, play Hide & Seek around parked cars (even hiding in the back of parked pick-up trucks), disregarding posted signage – skateboarding along the deck colliding with others, disrespecting and vandalizing community property.  Because it seems clear to you, it is easy to overestimate your child’s level of knowledge of these issues.  A child can be seriously injured or die if hit by a driver that simply didn’t see them while backing up. While we do not want to unnecessarily frighten our kids, we don’t want them to be unaware AND TO STAY SAFE.

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